Human heart is one of the hardest working organs in our body. This is the main organ responsible for blood circulation and pumping to entire body. For proper functioning of heart it requires unique nutritional needs. Any deficiency in the nutritional needs, leads to cardiovascular diseases and ultimately death. In many countries deaths due to cardiac problems are increasing rapidly due to nutrition deficiency. To stop the heart diseases prefer heart health supplements, which are specially designed for healthy heart functioning. This supplement provides advanced and assured levels of EPA, DHA and long chain omega-3 fatty acids important for healthy heart function and supports good cardiovascular system.


To stop the heart diseases cardiac physicians are highly recommending the nutritional supplements like omega fatty acids. Each capsule of the supplement contains 100 I U of vitamin D, formulated with lemon oils which can eliminate the fishy smell. The supplements are highly safe and effective with proven clinical trials. They meet all the required specifications and pharmacopeias as per recommendations. We all know that fish oils are good for health but we hardly consume in our food. Fish oil is the rich source of omega fatty acids, which is good for brain and heart function. The supplements are formulated in gel capsule, and are free from harmful contaminates like mercury. Hence protect your heart with nutritional supplements.






How to Maintain Healthy Liver Function

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. In order to maintain healthy liver function it is important for an individual to follow a nutritious and balanced diet. A nutritious intake of food increases the metabolic rate of the liver, thereby burning the excess fat that is accumulated in the liver. There are certain measures that you must take in order to maintain healthy liver function.


a)      Make sure that your body gets what it wants. Ensure that you eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and other nourishing drinks along with a lot of water. It is important that you at least drink ten to twelve glasses of water every day as it helps in cleaning your liver. Further, it also helps in reducing your weight.

b)      Another thing that you need to take care is avoid eating sweets since the sugar in the sweets can be converted into fat and cholesterol by the liver, thereby causing severe cardiovascular diseases and ailments.

c)      It is very important that you eat only fresh food. This is because if you eat stale food the liver will not be able to destroy the bacteria or virus that is accumulated in the stale food, thereby leading to serious liver ailments.   


Remember, your body requires regular intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, fats, vitamins, minerals, and other such supplements in order to maintain a healthy liver function.



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